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Corneal Transplant Unit
  • Working in the rural area, we see many patients with vegetative injury and corneal ulcers. Our patients present very late to us. Their compliance to treatment is also poor. Many times they present with a perforation of the cornea. Which makes it difficult to treat or salvage the eye medically. These patients many times need corneal transplant in the long run. As such, across the country, there are approximately 20 lac patients in the need of corneal transplant.
  • We have higher backlog of corneal blindness in the area as proved by the blindness survey conducted in the area as a part of Dr. Rohan’s thesis in July 2011. The prevalence of corneal blindness in the area is 8% as against the 4% across the nation. This means that we will need to do more of corneal transplant work.
  • The awareness about corneal problems, corneal ulcer and its treatment etc. is lacking among the community and we will set up the awareness generation programme also to raise the level of awareness. We will create necessary health education material in vernacular – pamphlets, posters and videos.
  • Facility for gram stain and KOH preparation is already made available and we are planning to upgrade it to culture and sensitivity.
  • Initially, two Ophthalmologists - Dr. Bijal Mehta and Dr. Prakash Nayak, both cornea specialists from Mumbai were coming as and when required and they performed transplant surgeries. Dr. Rohan Chariwala who was sent to International Centre for Eye Health at London for a one year M. Sc. has come back in Oct. 2011 and he also does good corneal transplant work
  • We are already registered as an eye ball collection centre affiliated with the Eye Bank Association of India and also with the National Programme for the Control of Blindness. At the same time, our hospital is registered under the Human Organ Transplant Act (HOTA).
  • We have already performed two hundred plus corneal transplants by now. We have good tie up with the Lokdrashti Eye Bank in Surat and we should be able to get enough corneas for our requirements. However, we plan to set up our own eye bank at an opportune moment in future.
  • As the awareness about eye donation is lacking in the area, we have trained one eye donation counselor and send him to different villages with a video on eye donation and pamphlets giving understanding on the subject to raise awareness among the community in the surrounding area
  • We already have the clinical specular microscope for endothelial cell count. Eye bank specular microscope and corneal topographer have been recently given to us by Rotary Club of Surat Roundtown under matching grant project.
  • Majority of the corneal patients are agricultural workers and so their paying capacity will remain poor and we will need support for this activity also.
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