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Lions Eye Hospital Chorwad
  • Smt. Bhanuben Nanavaty Eye Hospital, Chorwad was non-functional for last three years for some local reasons. When they approached us with a request to provide support to restart the hospital, we decided to try and support them.
  • From August 2013, we started with an operative eye camp over there. Now, one of our Ophthalmic Assistant is staying there in a rotation of one month and runs daily OPD. We have tied up with a local Ophthalmologist who visits the hospital thrice a week. One more operative eye camp was conducted in Nov. by our team.
  • Three young boys from Chorwad area have completed training as Ophthalmic Assistant at Mandvi. One of the three was trained in optical fitting also. They are managing the work now. One of the three has been trained as administrator also.
  • We have proposed to the management of that hospital to set up telemedicine activity. Once that is in place, all the patients will be getting a consultation by our Ophthalmologist sitting in Mandvi.
  • Once telemedicine set up is functional, all the diabetic patients coming to the OPD will undergo an opportunistic screening for diabetic retinopathy with the help of fundus camera pictures being viewed by our Ophthalmologist.
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