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  • Tejas Eye Hospital was inaugurated on 22nd May 2011.
  • Hospital has total 16000 sq. ft. area including ground floor and first floor. Facilities available are :-
  • 100 beds indoor unit
  • Day care ward
  • Semi special room with two beds and two air conditioned special rooms
  • Separate isolation ward for infective patients
  • Round the clock emergency services
  • Comfortable waiting area with TV
  • 5 well equipped operation theatres
  • Well equippedspeciality clinics for retina, cornea, glaucoma, paediatricpatients,low vision, neuro ophthalmology, oculoplasty, sonography, laser etc.
  • Facility for general anaesthesia
  • Laboratory facility
  • Janseva Medical and optical store where drugs and spectacles are provided at subsidized rates
  • Lift for patients
  • Kitchen and dining facility (Kasturibhojanshala) – free to patient and one relative and at subsidized rates for OPD patients
  • Library with spiritual and other books
  • Mineral water plant and cooler for drinking water facility
  • 35 KVA and 15 KVA Diesel Generator units
  • TV in wards and OPD for entertainment of patients and relatives
  • Availability of reading material in OPD and wards
  • Daily OPD and OT is being run – average OPD attendance is 150+.
  • RBS and BP check for all the patients with age >40 years coming to the hospital are done free of cost considering the lack of awareness regarding these major diseases in the community in our service area. We are detecting almost 10 new diabetic patients every month.
  •In five years’ time, we have performed more than 32000 surgeries.
  • Fourteen full time Ophthalmologists are working in the hospital including a retina- cornea cum research, glaucoma and paediatric consultants.
  • Diagnostic eye camps are being conducted thrice in a week in the nearby areas – particularly the interior rural villages and operative patients are being brought to the base hospital in Mandvi. These camps are being conducted in Surat dist., adjacent tribal areas of Bharuch, Narmada, Tapi, Dang and Navsari districts. There are no other eye care facilities in these areas.
  • We are using our 40 seater bus for the transportation of the patients to and from the camp site to the hospital.
  • Total population covered is approximately 2.5 million.
  • We envisage doing more than 10000 surgeries in the current year.
  • All poor patients particularly from Scheduled tribes with BPL card, are being treated totally free. About 75% indoor patients have been treated totally free till now.
  • 80% of our indoor patients are tribal and 90% of the surgeries on tribal patients has been performed totally free.
  • Specialty services in the sub specialties of eye care viz. Retina, Glaucoma, Cornea, Squint, Paediatric, Neuro Ophthalmology, oculoplasty, Low vision etc. have been set up and the consultants in respective fields have started coming at regular interval. The work load for them is also quite high.
  • Full time retina services are available since January 2012. Workload is quite high in retina clinic. Patients are getting referred from far off places particularly when they can’t afford the cost of treatment.
  • Glaucoma specialist is also available on full time basis from Nov. 2013 and workload is increasing in glaucoma also.
  • Recently, full time paediatric ophthalmologist has also joined us.
  • List of Consultants :-
  • Dr. RohanThakkar – Cornea specialist
  • Dr. Pratik Topiwala – Cornea specialist
  • Dr. TanujaRakhe – Neuro Ophthalmologist
  • Dr. Saurin Gandhi – Oculoplasty consultant
  • Dr. Sagar Shah – Oculoplasty consultant
  • Dr. Upendrabhai Patel – Anaesthetist
  • Dr. RohitbhaiGajiwala – Anaesthetist
  • Dr. Ganesh Chaudhari - Anaesthetist
  • Dr. RohanChariwala who was sent to International Centre for Eye Health, London did a survey of blindness in the area as a part of his thesis work. This survey shows that the need for eye care is comparable with other parts of the country – though Gujarat has done better in eye care, this area is still underserved and the other major finding is that corneal blindness is double then other parts of the country. So in effect, this means that the need in the area is tremendous and we will need to focus on corneal transplant work also.
  • Dr. Rohan Chariwala who has been sent to International Centre for Eye Health, London is here in Mandvi for one month for a aurvey of blindness in the area as a part of his thesis work. This survey will tell us about the present blindness situation in the area and will give us a guideline about the work that needs to be done and so we will be able to plan the work better.
  • Dr. Rohan has come back upon successful completion of his M.Sc. course in Oct. 2011 and has joined the team. We have started research activities also.
  • Medicines and spectacles are also made available at subsidized rates in the hospital itself. Good no. of patients are taking benefits of the facility
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