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  Divyajyoti Trust
  Suthar Falia, At & Po Mandvi
  Dist. Surat - 394 160, Gujarat,
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  E 6921 - Surat. 19.1.2010

After so much of austerity, I have
understood as the real turth-GOD
is present in every Jiva; there is no
other God beside that. "Who Serves
Jiva Serves GOD Indeed".

                       Swami Viveknanda(Vll-247).

Divyajyoti Trust is a registered charitable trust under Public Charitable Trust Act established recently by philanthropic minded individuals involved in the services of poor people for last two decades. Having imbibed the ideas and ideals suggested by Gandhiji to serve the nation, they have decided to devote their life to the service of humanity in interior rural tribal areas. Joined by several like minded people, trust will get involved in all the activities to help the poor community with the help of available manpower & resources.

Since the main expertise available at this moment is in the field of Ophthalmology, the trust will start working in eye care by setting up an eye hospital.
No one should become blind or remain blind needlessly for want of services.
To reduce and eventually eliminate avoidable blindness to the extent possible for us from the community around and thus contribute to the Vision 2020 programme of the country while working in the rural tribal area for the poor community maintaining high ethical standards and moral values.
• It has not rained in Gujarat this year. Since it is not raining, the work is still continuing at its usual pace. Dr. Bhavinbhai Patel – eminent retina specialist from Surat came done once in June to help our retina surgeon perform difficult macula surgeries. We sincerely appreciate his continued help. Renovation of Septic OT was completed by the end of June. Now, it has become functional. Renovation of OT 1 and 2 to get more space in OT 2 is started. We hope to finish it fast. Once that is completed, we will have more space and one more OT. Speciality OTs will now be able to function with little more ease. Similarly, we are in the process of installing laminar air flow on all the six tables. Airtight doors are also ordered and installation is awaited. We are gradually moving in the direction of better quality.
• After the final protocol was prepared for the Govt. of Gujarat, they got the same printed and organised four zonal workshops in Gandhinagar, Surat, Rajkot and Vadodara. Dr. Uday attended all the four workshops as faculty. The details of the protocol was shared with the participants and it was suggested that they follow this protocol.
• We have announced phaco, SICS and medical retina training. Phaco training is blocked till January. There are many enquiries related to the training.
• Industrial washing machine is also finally installed and is functional. We could not get it running for three months. These are the limitations of working in small place. We don’t get the right people to get the job done easily.
• Surfacing unit is also fully functional now. Still, the blanks ordered for photo grey lenses have not reached. However, now 50% of patients are getting their tailor made lenses within a couple of hours. The situation will further improve with photo grey blanks becoming available in near future.
• We have received registration under FCRA from Home Ministry this month. A long awaited task completed. Now, we can accept donations in foreign currency also. This will ease our efforts of fund raising to some extent.
• After a delay of nearly two years, the Governor’s grant was finally released this month. Now, we will be able to purchase the two equipments proposed from that grant. Dr. Sheetal Chaudhary – our glaucoma consultant attended two glaucoma workshops – one in Ahmedabad and the other in Delhi during the month.
• Dr. Uday Gajiwala attended the LCIF training meeting in Hyderabad to talk about the activities of Divyajyoti trust. Lions community was highly appreciative of our work.
• Children in the blind hostel came back during the month as the schools opened up. This year, we have increased the no. to 20. We are in the process of adding one more computer there to teach computers to these children.
• Mr. Viral Tailor – local BCA student, is helping us with the updation of our website. We hope to finish the updation by end of July.

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